Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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Showcasing Your Home 
  • Check the visibility of your house numbers – repaint or polish if necessary.

  • Create an inviting walkway.  Add color with annuals and a new doormat to brighten your home and welcome buyers.  Add a fresh coat of paint to the front door.  First impressions are so important.

  • Open windows during warm weather months to let in fresh air; appeal to the sense of smell by lighting scented candles or baking.

  • Sharpen the look of your home by paying attention to detail; polish knobs and handles, replace lights in bathrooms and kitchen as necessary.

  • Turn on all lights, especially at night, to highlight your home’s amenities.

  • Create a focal point in your entryway by adding a picture, lamp or plant.

  • Remove furniture to make rooms appear larger and allow for a clear traffic pattern.

  • Unify accent pieces by replacing old lampshades, bedspreads or pillows; coordinate rugs and pillows throughout the house.

  • Be sure children’s rooms and play areas are safe.

  • Always test your doorbell to be sure it is in good working order.

  • Set your dining room table for decorative appeal.

  • Place plants and fresh flowers in rooms to add vibrancy and interest.

  • Be sure to arrange for any pets to be out of the home while it is being shown.

  • Try not to be present when potential buyers are viewing your home; if you are present, keep conversation to a minimum.  When sellers are present, potential buyers feel like guest rather than shoppers.

 Remember:  Subtle changes and improvement will enhance your home’s marketability.  It is the little things that will yield big rewards.